Sometimes we don’t know where we are going until we arrive at the place we want to be. (It’s deep, I know…don’t get lost in the trees, keep reading) 

Hello, my name is Gwenevere, and that folks is how most of my stories begin…. they don't.  I can’t say exactly how I got to where I am,  I just know that this is where I am and most the time, I [try to] like it. Among many other interests, I’m a foodie.

There I said it! I am a foodie. I like food ok? I mean besides HAVING to have it to survive and all, I actually like lots of other things about it too, like how it changes when it’s cooked and how it changes again after I eat it and how it changes me both physically and emotionally when I cook it or eat it. My most vivid memories have food associated with them, like the juice blend I was given to drink while in recovery after the birth of my second child- oh it was sooooo good! Someday I’ll find the mixologist who concocted that little piece of heaven and thank her/him with all my heart, then beg for the blend ratios…Anyway I find food fascinating and in an effort to share my fascination with everyone, I have started this food blog.

Welcome to

Where my goal is to make the idea of slipping on your apron and spending some quality time in your kitchen, a little more…appealing!

When I’m not planning my next culinary adventure or blogging about my most recent one, I can be found trying to teach my 4 kids to keep their rooms clean, working from home for a downtown Indianapolis law firm, reading, sewing, writing, singing karaoke or thinking about going for a run. Unlike other foodies on the web, I do NOT have a fancy camera and I’m NOT meticulously organized, (or organized at all really) and I’m ok with all that because this blog is all about the food right?  (No, it's not, but I’ll keep telling myself that if I get sidetracked.)

Lets see is there anything else you might want to know about me…
·      I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon). My religion does not define me; it’s one tool (of many) in a toolbox that I use to help me define myself.
·      I’m married to BOY (that is the nickname that stuck when my roommates and I gave it to him when we met in college).
·      All of my kids have at least one food allergy that can get them priority seating at the nearest ER (nuts, milk, eggs and soy).
·      I have a family history of late onset Type 1 Diabetes.
·      My DVR is full of shows [that I never have time to watch] from the Food Network.
·      I like the idea of owning a variety of mismatched plates and table linens although currently I only own the 2 sets I received from my wedding.

Okay, I think that’s more than enough. Lets get to the food already!
 Photo’s courtesy of Ruby Rock Spring Image and Design
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