Monday, April 18, 2011

White Syrup

Boy and I do our best to introduce new foods to our kids. If we can convince them to try just one bite we consider our endeavors to be a success. Often that first bite doesn’t happen when the food is first introduced; sometimes it takes YEARS. That is what happened with white syrup.

I don’t know why white syrup was/is so scary to my kids. I mean, come on, it has their favorite ingredient in it –SUGAR! Perhaps it was just that it was different than what they were used to. Whatever the reason, I really wasn’t too concerned about it since white syrup doesn’t exactly hit the top of any nutritional value or health food charts, so I didn’t push the issue.

Well, while camping in Jackson Hole, Roo decided it was time for tasting the goodness that everyone around him was referring to as white syrup. All it took was one bite and he was hooked. Since that time he has tried to convert his sisters to the glory that is white syrup, but up until this point, they have refuse to see the light. I tell him to be patient; they’ll come around (everyone eventually does - because, yes, it’s that good.) 

Now get to it…your waffles are waiting.

White Syrup


½ cup unsalted butter
1 cup sugar
½ cup heavy cream


  1. In a small saucepan, melt butter with sugar. Once butter is melted slowly whisk in the cream until the sugar is dissolved.  Serve warm over waffles, pancakes, french toast, crêpes etc. Store unused portion, covered in the fridge. Reheat in microwave or on the stovetop.
Notes: Makes 1 cup.

Source: Family File/Dina’s Diner (unposted)


Erin said...

Can you believe that I dislike syrup very much? I'm talking about maple syrup though. This white syrup looks delicious. I may actually have to try it some time. :-)

Apron Appeal said...

Erin, do you have an aversion to pancakes and such because you don't like syrup or do you have something else that you like to put on top of your breakfast breads?

Erin said...

No I love pancakes! The only thing I put on top is butter. Everyone thinks I'm weird, I don't even like peanut butter on top. Just butter.

Cheryl and Adam @ said...

Maple syrup - good maple syrup - is always a stalple around here, and recently my Mom introduced Adam to Cane Sugar syrup which he has been insisting on for pancakes since, but we've never had white syrup! Butter sugar and cream, how good is that? I'll whip some of this up next time we have a pancake breakfast, thanks!

Trac said...

This is a completely new concept for me. I'll have to try this, I'm sure it will be good.

Apron Appeal said...

Trac, when you try this, you may want to pair it with a tart fruit, like strawberries. It takes the edge of the sweet...that is if you are concerned about the sweet.

Ju said...

I haven't decided if this appeals to me yet... I love me some maple syrup... but if this ends up on Traci's food blog then maybe I'll believe you... am I calling you a liar?... no, not really, but I'm not sure I believe this either :o)

Apron Appeal said...

Pressure is on now! It's ok Julie, If you ever try it and you HATE it. I will understand....that you're taste buds just aren't as refined as mine! ;) Ahhhhhhh. Actually I have another syrup recipe that I'll post someday. It's a white syrup/maple syrup transition help you over the gap.

Myrna said...

White Syrup? Really? You had to go there? Anything with butter, sugar AND heavy cream I can't resist. Great. There goes bathing suit season=D

Apron Appeal said...

Myrna, just pair it with fresh blueberries over something whole wheat and you'll be fine. ;)

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